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Noah's Archaic is Permanently Closed - Effective 3/31/15.

     Moving Truck - Noah's Archaic
    Noah's Archaic is permanently closed

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you from 2012-2015! 


oah's Archaic offers the full range of local and long distance moving services. This includes free estimates, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and furniture assembly. Because we are also a liquidation company, you can use your unwanted items to help pay for the moving services! In spite of our breadth of services, our efficiency allows us to still serve as a discount moving company. 
  - We will beat any verified quote in the Roanoke / Salem area for residential moves! (See terms on Services page).
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High Value but Low Cost Liquidation 

Noah's Archaic is structured as a low cost, low overhead moving and liquidation firm. Therefore you can expect fair prices for our services and for your belongings because you don't have to pay a team of liquidators or auctioneers to sit around your house for several days during an estate auction. Instead, you get paid cash or moving credit up front - whether we can sell your items or not! Our strategic online marketing program allows us to identify buyers nationwide, helping us to sell items for what they are worth to those who recognize their true value

Heavily Discounted Second Hand Store

Due to our high value and low cost liquidation process, we are able to sell the items we liquidate, both new and used, at heavily discounted prices from our retail location. You can save $thousands on quality designer and name brand items such as used furniture, appliances, home/business accessories, books, collectibles, antiques, building materials, sporting goods, tools, jewelry, and whatever else we might run into on a liquidation project. You can view our products online or visit our liquidation showroom in Salem, Virginia (a Suburb of Roanoke). 

Our People

Our professional, hardworking, and friendly staff takes care of all the packing, moving, transporting and selling of your items. All employees agree to abide

by Biblical core values on the job, regardless of their beliefs. In order for our people to receive their checks they must conform to these Christian (CHECKS)

 Christ-Honoring - abiding by Scriptural morals reduces conflict and facilitates win-win relations

Christian Fish

 Honesty - dealing honestly allows you to know exactly what to expect as a seller or a buyer

 Excellence - striving for excellence in all company operations produces satisfied customers

 Cost-Efficiency - operating efficiently reduces overhead costs, resulting in savings for you

 Kindness - treating customers with kindness is mandatory, regardless of the situation

 Speed - all internal and external operations are performed quickly to save you time and money.

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